Medical Delegation 2019

This year’s mission project has been canceled because of the unrest in Nicaragua. The education project is continuing and donations to this project are always welcome. Hopefully 2020 will bring more stability to this impoverished nation.

Each year Olive Tree sponsors a medical mission to Nicaragua. The beach scene above is where we go for a swim after a hard day at the HueHuete clinic. The place where we stay is on the hill overlooking the beach. (If you see a crater lake image instead of the beach scene, just refresh the page a few times and the beach scene will appear.)

Medical Delegation 2018

We did 6 days of medical clinics at clinic sites treating nearly 500 patients and providing medicines for more. We worked with a Ministry of Health (MINSA) doctor at one site and with staff at a Casa Materna maternity site. Most common diagnoses were respiratory, nutrition, anemia, GI, dermatology, gynecology and hypertension. At our sites we did height, weight, and blood pressure checks and performed focused physical exams. We provided the anti-parasite medicine albendazole to all appropriate persons plus other needed medications using Nicaragua formulary meds. We offered vision checks for those with visual complaints and for kids 6-12. We performed about 150 anemia tests with donated HemoCue cuvettes. Read more…

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