Supplies Needed

We need supplies for our colleagues in Nicaragua. Please email Ellyn ( or call 574-532-8166 if you can contribute any of the following:

  1. I-Stat for lytes/Bun/creatinine with cuvettes for them
  2. We need several hundred HemaCue cuvettes to leave with our our Nica colleagues.
  3. Stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, oto-ophthalmoscopes if in good condition are. Most of our Nicaraguan health center colleagues cannot afford their own.
  4. Otic/ophthalmic drops for pain and/or infection.
  5. If you have no longer used digital cameras or laptops or tablets (working and with all parts/charging cords/batteries etc) that are just going to sit in your house, please consider donating those for health care workers and schools in Nicaragua. Bilingual instructions are necessary.
  6. Laptop computer/PC for schools with kids’ learning games put on them. Make sure to take off any personal or other sensitive data. Games should be in Spanish. Bilingual games and lessons with English are even better as many students are trying to learn English.
  7. Professional lab short coats and scrubs for the med/nursing students we support. Size small and medium are most common sizes although we can use some larger sizes. White is preferred for these. Other colored scrubs are ok for working folks.
  8. Bilingual books/DvD’s/CD’s (for general audience and kids)
  9. Small musical instr uments like harmonicas/tambourines/ drums.
  10. Microscopes in good working order.
  11. Hand Scrub Brushes
  12. Medium size shoulder bags to give to health promotores for their supplies
  13. Padded computer bags for size 14-15 inch computers.
  14. Glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM for Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer, directors of Ministerio Mateo. Usual dose is 1500/1200/MSM daily.
  15. Calcium/Mg/Zinc also for Lynne and Glenn

We can provide a tax receipt for donated items plus a heartfelt thank you.